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Why Cabinets

Why CabinetsNothing can help freshen up an older home or help in the sale of a property or inspire your kitchen workspace like a new or remodeled kitchen. Kitchen design is becoming increasingly more important as space is rapidly growing smaller. Designing or remodeling your kitchen can be an incredibly exciting adventure but with it can come a lot of stress, and complication! There are many things to consider with regards to kitchen design in order to make your new space work for you.

Kitchens are often the heart of the home, where families and friends tend to mingle. The goals of greening your kitchen should include good natural lighting, good ventilation, low-toxicity surfaces and finishes, energy and water efficient appliances, and surfaces that are easily cleanable, durable, and, of course, esthetically pleasing.

Ideally, a healthy kitchen would be designed to encourage healthy habits such as regularly preparing nutritious, appetizing meals and eating fresh, whole foods. But even if you use your kitchen mainly to brew coffee and down a bowl of cereal, why not design it to be beautiful and enticing, so that you’ll be tempted to slow down and really enjoy that coffee and cereal?

Why Los Angeles Kitchen CabinetsOnce you decided to remodel your kitchen, ask yourself a question. What you would like to have in your kitchen? Give this a lot of thought because design today can incorporate special storage and space savers into the kitchen cabinetry design today! Write a list of everything you couldn't live without. This list will also become a very important guideline for you, your contractor, or designer to follow. Here are a few questions to paint an example for you:

What kind of cabinetry will you use: frame, frameless? Doors finished or painted? Do you want stainless steel appliances or covered with panels? What type of a countertop? Tiled flooring? Is it heated? What will your color palette be? What can I not live without?
Lighter-colored cabinets and countertops will make the kitchen feel more spacious.

Kitchen Cabinets tend to cover the lion’s share of the wall area in a kitchen, and counters split the horizontal plane with the flooring material, so choosing a wall color is secondary to cabinet and counter material choices in determining overall lightness or darkness.
Dark woods and black countertop materials can drastically reduce the quality of light in your kitchen; if you choose them, you’ll have increase the number and wattage of lighting sources. Lighter materials are a more sustainable choice. You can use intense colors as long as they give off light rather than absorb it. Increasing the reflectivity of the surfaces will also help - gloss helps bounce light around. Beware of too much glare, however, which is tiring for eyes focused on the work (literally) at hand.

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